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Can I activate all my games bought through the GameMiles Store through Steam?

Not necessarily. Make sure you check for this information on the product information page. If Steam isn't shown there, the download and installation instructions will be provided to you as this may happen directly with a specific game publisher.


I tried to activate my key in Steam but I got an "invalid key" message. Why did that happen?

The first step is to check ensure that the game download is hosted at Steam.

The second step, if you still get the invalid key message, is to check if you're typing in the key exactly as it's showing up in your GameMiles Store account. Try copying and pasting (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) instead of manually typing the key if it is not working.

Note that we never send activation keys by email.

If your game is Steam compatible and you are typing in the correct key, and you are still having problems, please use the Contact Us form to send us the details and we’ll be happy to helps!


A friend of mine has the same game that I bought at the GameMiles Store. If I install my friend's game on my PC will my key work?

Yes. It is possible to install it with his/her game installer, without having to download it through the GameMiles site. Note that the game versions have to be the same, for instance, a non-Steam game won't be compatible with a Steam game installer.


Does the activation key have an expiration date or any other sort of limitations?

Activation keys don't expire, and you can buy and activate them whenever you decide. Keys that are activated in platforms such as Steam are linked to only one account in the platform where it was activated and, therefore, can't be activated again on other accounts


What does DRM stand for?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and it is a protection some developers apply to their games in order to hinder their unauthorized use.


What is DRM-Free? Why doesn't my game have an activation key and in its place I see the message "not necessary"?

Some publishers prefer not to use DRM to activate their games and, therefore, have no need for an activation key. These games are usually classified as DRM-free. To play them, just download and install the game.


I've pre-ordered a game. When will I get my download key?

Most pre-order keys are reserved at the publisher and are only made available upon the game's release. The key will appear in your account when it is released.